Welcome to Biologic Pest Control

Biologic Pest Control is a small-medium sized company who employs expert pest management professionals.  Wayne Eklund, the Company President, holds a Bachelor Degree in Biology.  Prior to finding his passion for pest control he spent several years working for the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.  During this time he studied biologic characteristics of all wildlife, including all the pests that may be “bugging” you.  It is this extensive knowledge that provided the next step in Pest Management.  Biologic Pest Control has an extensive staff of office personnel, field technicians and graduate professionals.

Our Mission

To provide the most professional, science-based Pest Management Service to every client.  Whether, it is a single family home, a 20 story office space or a large manufacturing facility.  All our clients are held at a high regard.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the quickest, most affordable and of course, safest response.  We focus on service that all our clients can count on, service done right the first, on time, every time.